Lighting Retrofit
Why should you consider Lighting Retrofit?
So Many Benefits?
To perform an energy upgrade for commercial facilities or residential 
homes has tremendous benefits.   

Decreased Electricity Bills
Save an average of 40-60% monthly

Decreased Maintenance Cost
Less lamp or ballast changes for years.

Reduce Electricity Usage
Lowers peak demand charges and taxes.

Increase working/living environment for safety
Better lighting quality prevents injury

Increased Productivity
employee morale and performance goes 
up. Proven to be effective!.

Improves Color Rendering
Adding color corrective lighting which makes
 it easier to improve proeuct quality

Receive Refunds on Past Bills
Being overcharged on utility usage. 
Almost 99% of utility bills have errors.

Tax Deductions and Rebates
​You may quality for special incentive 
programs just for upgrading your equipment

Increase property/business value
Your annual saving is increased up to 5 times

Longer-Life of Electric Motors
Using a energy efficient HVAC unit lasts 
longer wih less maintenance needed.

Positive Environmental Impact 
Providing green efficient lighting improves environment.

Special Financial Programs Available
Contact PNP for more information.
It is the fastest and easiest way to increase profits.
Energy efficiency projects free-up capital to build your core business.

Here's How:

What are some benefits to retrofit?

  • Safer Work place
  • More Light
  • Clean Crisp Colors
  • Much better depth perception
  • Avoid fees and fines from old and out of date lighting.

How can you lower my electric bill while increasing light and at much lower energy levels?

  • New technologies are 30% to 70% more efficient than old technologies.

How can you predict our energy savings?

  • Our state of the art lighting software system performs a comparison between your existing lighting system and a suggested system. We than calculate your return on investment and tax benefits under EPAct 2005

What kind of warranty and/or service do I get on the lighting products?

  • Standard 5-year fixture, lamp and ballast replacement warranty is included. Extended service contracts are available.

How can I lower exposure to injuries and workman compensation claims?

  •  Increased fixture life equals reduced maintenance levels.
  •  Out source your service to lighting technicians.
  •  Did you know: More than 500,000 ladder injuries are reported each year.
  •  Did you know: About 300 people in the U.S. die from ladder injuries annually.
  •  Did you know: Estimated annual cost of ladder related injuries is $11 billion dollars.

How do you provide more security for parking lots?

  • Lighting is universally considered to be the most important security feature in a parking facility. Good lighting deters crime and produces a more secure environment.

How can I increase building security?

  • By adding occupancy sensors in your building you not only reduce energy cost, but also alert security personal whenever a room is entered. In addition you may qualify for additional tax benefits.

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