provides a full range of electrical contracting services for our clients, with an emphasis on Lighting Retrofit.  We take the stress and worry out the project by simplifying the process for easy management and communication. Contact one of our Energy Advisors at to discuss your needs further and what your options on for reaching the highest energy savings potential for your company.

Energy Retrofits 
We specialize in showing established companies how to reduce their electrical costs from 40-60% by using the latest technology in lighting.

Utility Bill Auditing 
One of our most popular services. Did you know that a large number of electrical bills/utility bills have errors? Ever wonder what all of those taxes and fees are for? Ever wonder if they are legitimate charges? For our clients with no up-front fee, we will conduct a full audit that usually results in a 6 - 12% savings.  This is instant money back, and this savings goes on, month after month. 

Usage Procurement 
 conducts energy audits by obtaining electricity records to determine our projected results and to guarantee your ROI.  If your rates seem unreasonably high, we will inform you of options you have using one of our top aggregators. With this program, even small companies can get big company prices. This can often times make a difference of 20% or more on your bill.

Project Financing 
Need to retrofit your facility but tight on cash? PNP will work with you to put together a program that is will fit your needs specifically. 

Some options we provide include: 

       ~ Internal Capital:  Generally, capital investment in energy conservation measures
          result in the highest return on investment and is the best financing option where funds are available. 

       ~ Lease/Purchase:  If capital investment funds are not available, the second best  return on investment would 
          be through third party financing.  

       ~ Shared Savings/ Performance Contracting: This option is a long-term agreement between the building owner
          and PNP maintains ownership of the system and receives a percentage of the savings and allowing the 
          building to use the equipment. The shared savings payment is considered an operating expense and can 
          be deductted as a tax credit. 

We are all about achieving great results
and a high return on your investment!
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