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According to EnergyStar, the retail sector consumes about $21 billion worth of energy annually. The good news is that energy is one of the few expenses that can be decreased without negatively affecting a retailer’s operation. In fact, lighting upgrades will have a positive effect.

Retailers stand to gain several benefits from lighting upgrades:

  • Increased profitability. Proper light levels affect the bottom line. Over-lighting wastes energy, under-lighting degrades store appearance.

  • Increased sales. Although difficult to exactly quantify, good lighting has been proven to have a positive effect on sales.

  • Enhanced retail image. Appearance is everything. Proper lighting levels and light color contribute to how the customer perceives your business.

  • Reduced vulnerability to energy price fluctuations

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It’s time to save money, and look better doing it.

It is a FACT that lighting
is eating your profits. 

Proper lighting levels 
affect the bottom-line.

One size does not fit all. 

Installing new equipment 
is paid for by the savings 
you gain by reducing 
your energy consumption.

Appropriate lighting fixtures
 ensure better quality 
product and services.

Improves employee moral
and performance.

Great lighting is paramount for increasing sales & profits and retaining customers.
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