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Surveyor® is a leading energy management system (EMS) for small-box retail chains and other multi-location businesses, helping them save tens of millions of dollars in annual energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions, while giving them unprecedented visibility into their stores.  AEM/Prestige Energy has installed Surveyor in over 1000 locations and growing.

AEM/Prestige Nrgy and Venstar are available for installations world wide.

Surveyor is the choice of major retail chains including AutoZone, Family Dollar (Refer to Family Dollar testimonial) and Payless ShoeSource. It is currently installed in more than 12,000 locations throughout North America, controlling more than 55,000 rooftop HVAC systems and lighting control panels.

Surveyor empowers small-box retailers and other multi-location businesses to remotely monitor, control and manage the HVAC, lighting/electrical and mechanical systems in all their stores, giving them unparalleled access into their energy usage.

With Surveyor, a single person can easily control existing HVAC, lighting/electrical and mechanical systems at thousands of locations via the Internet through their secure corporate network, while monitoring environmental conditions and system performance.

Whether it’s for a chain with hundreds or thousands of locations, Surveyor allows authorized users to look at the equipment, change set points, run exception reporting and run energy usage reports for the entire chain, individual locations, or by groupings of locations.

Surveyor gives users unprecedented visibility into their stores.

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