Simplifying The Process 
We keep it simple for our customers?  

PNP has already done the homework, developed the implementation process, and researched and conducted tests on newest energy efficient technologies.  

We make it simple for YOU, because we've done all the work.
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The Prestige Energy Approach

FIRST - We learn as much as we can about YOUR daily operation to determine proper light levels.

NEXT - We conduct a comprehensive lighting audit to determine current light levels, system age and energy use.

THEN - Based on our understanding of YOUR businesses needs, we determine the appropriate new lighting measures needed to achieve a balance between proper light levels and energy and maintenance savings. 

THE ANALYSIS IS FOR YOU - Using our proprietary lighting software, developed in-house, we provide you with very detailed yet easy to understand lighting analysis. In spread sheet format, we will show you room-by-room details of
YOUR ENERGY SAVINGS, as well as projected future maintenance savings. 

We will also detail any available utility rebates as well as federal tax incentives--often substantial.

Finance options will be outlined as well.  Remember - you don't need any cash or even new monthly revenue to have these new and exciting energy updates.

Your project will be scheduled, and working parameters determined for minimum impact on your business.  We work around YOUR needs, not the other way around.

Project is completed on-time, and a quality walk through is performed.

FINALLY - YOU, our happy customer signs off.

1.   Your lighting levels will be adjusted up or down as needed and as agreed.
2.   Energy use will drop significantly and as agreed.
3.   Tier-1 level products, tested and proven, will be used.
4.   Daily business activities will not be interrupted.
5.   Your utility rebates and energy savings will be administered by AEM.
6.   5-year Warranty* provided on all products we sell, including lamps.  (One year on labor.)

*Our Warranty means that your maintenance costs will be nearly zero for 5 years, guaranteed.
And, some LED products carry a 10 year warranty.

What To Expect:
What better time 
to save than now.

"The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending."
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