Agricultural Lighting Program
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What better time 
to save than now.

"The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending."

Get Your 
“Simple facts”

  • The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending.
  • Lighting is eating your profits.
  • We can install new equipment and let the energy savings pay for it.
  • You can keep the money or keep giving it to the utility.

We start by understanding how lighting affects what you do.

  • To get the best outcome we need to be organized and systematic.
  • We list your needs and concerns as it pertains to conducting a lighting makeover of your facilities.
  • Next a complete audit of your facility lighting is performed.
  • In spread sheet format we list your current fixtures and the associated energy consumption.
  • Next, based on our understanding of your operation, we determine the appropriate new fixture
  •  Or, often we can simply update the existing equipment.
  • The spread sheet we have developed will calculate the energy savings as well as projected maintenance savings.
  • Keep in mind we offer a full five year warranty on all products we sell, so maintenance cost are near Zero for five years.

Properly specified and installed lighting will give your business a fantastic 
face lift, and make your daily work much easier to perform.

We make this promise to you our customer.

  • Your light levels will increase dramatically.
  • Energy use will drop dramatically.
  • The equipment we install has been tested – proven - and is of tier one grade.
  • We will not interfere with your ongoing operations.
  • All available utility rebates will be administered by us.

Providing Services Nationwide
Food processing and cold storage

  • PNP will do a complete energy analysis on the lighting system. This will include the energy reduction (kwh) and reduced demand (kw) with upgraded fixtures.

  • PNP will calculate the amount of heat produced by the existing fixtures compared to the upgraded fixtures and the savings in energy by the cooling system removing the heat. This will also include energy and demand.

  • Temperature ranges will be taking into consideration on fixture design to optimize light output and life expectancy.

  • Lighting controls will be utilized to optimize energy usage. Controls considered will be bi- level sensors and occupancy sensors. An example of bi – level would be operating a light at half power until motion is detected cutting energy usage in half during non-usage time.

  • Our installation crews are experienced with installations in conditions such as freezers and coolers.

  • PNP will also offer project management or supply of product if company wants to supply their own labor.