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Prestige Energy Provides No-Cost Energy Audits
We offer an easy no cost facility audit where we provide a total cost and savings analysis of all practical measures that meet the owner's constraints and economic criteria; a discussion of any recommended changes to operation and maintenance procedures; a list of capital-intensive improvements that require more thorough data collection and engineering analysis; and a breakdown of the total annual energy use into end-use components to generate optimal performance.
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PNP uses a procedure that is intended to provide a standard method for measuring and characterizing the energy performance of commercial buildings. The procedure determines the energy consumption, electrical energy demand, and on-site energy production in existing commercial buildings of all types. The performance metrics determined here may be compared against benchmarks to evaluate performance and verify that performance targets have been achieved. 

Uses may include:

• Compare performance with the design intent

• Compare performance with other buildings

• Evaluate building performance rating systems

• Perform economic analysis of energy-efficient strategies in buildings

• Establish long-term performance records that enable maintenance staff to  monitor trends in energy performance.
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What better time 
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