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What better time 
to save than now.

"The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending."
“Simple facts”

  • The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending.
  • Lighting is eating your profits.
  • We can install new equipment and let the energy savings pay for it.
  • You can keep the money or keep giving it to the utility.
  • We start by understanding how lighting affects what you do.
  • Image is everything.
  • Great lot lighting is paramount to being noticed.
  • Proper layout and appropriate light levels will give maximum bumper Bling.
  • But – let’s do it efficiently.
  • Your service bays pay the bills. Are your light levels hindering your Techs ability to perform?

How does it affect your customer’s perception of you?

  • The cost of low light levels is real, and can add up to surprising amounts.
  • If your Tech is walking around with a trouble light, you now have a one armed Mechanic.
  • If each Tech. wastes 30 minutes a day and you have 10 Techs. At $85.00/per hour
  • It is costing $106,250 a year in billable revenue.
  • Just a sample exercise, But the point is we all try to maximize sales, but are we really
  • Maximizing the revenue already generated.
  • It is worth repeating. Image is everything.

Keep in mind these important points.

  • Energy saving measures professionally implemented is risk free.
  • Fixture A uses a given amount of energy and fixture B uses 50% less.
  • There is probably little else you can do to increase profits that would be this solid. 

To get the best outcome we need to be organized and systematic.

  • We list your needs and concerns as it pertains to conducting a lighting makeover of your facilities.
  • Next a complete audit of your facility lighting is performed.
  • In spread sheet format we list your current fixtures and the associated energy consumption.
  • Next, based on our understanding of your operation, we determine the appropriate new fixture or, often we can simply update the existing equipment.
  • The spread sheet we have developed will calculate the energy savings as well as projected maintenance savings.
  • Keep in mind we offer a full five year warranty on all products we sell, so maintenance cost are near Zero for five years.
  • Properly specified and installed lighting will give your business a fantastic face lift, and make your daily work much easier to perform.
     We make this promise to 
          you our customer.

  • Your light levels will increase dramatically.

  • Energy use will drop dramatically.

  • The equipment we install has been tested – proven - and is of tier one grade.

  • We will not interfere with your  
           ongoing operations.

  • All available utility rebates will be administered by us.

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