Prestige Energy formally, Advanced Energy Management, Inc. (AEM) is nationally recognized as being a driven and dynamic company for having a focused future and mission to help our clients increase company profits through installing energy efficient lighting systems that drastically reduce utility spending. AEM successfully helps companies maximize their energy savings by developing long-term energy efficient retrofit lighting programs that makes sense. We believe the fastest way to increase profits is to reduce spending, while focusing on customer needs and our commitment to helping them meet savings goals.  

With over 25 years of technically skilled and professional field experience in areas of commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities, our knowledge has yielded many great successes. Our first-hand experience has revealed that if a company maintains their old and outdated equipment systems, it is often much more expensive in the long run than to update their systems. Many companies are now realizing that having old equipment tends to eat away at their bottom-line. Because of this, we do not compromise the benefits of utilizing the highest quality products and the latest equipment and energy-driven technologies through using innovative, highly efficient, certified and reliable products that significantly reduce utility expenses.  It is truly a win-win situation. We’re doing what we love and saving our customers money. 

Our Mission
It is our mission to provide quality service that will inform and educate consumers and businesses or about energy savings alternatives, build the economy, save jobs and make the world a  better place.
Our Policy
Our policy is to be a reliable full-service energy company that is truly dedicated to exceptional customer service with answers that build a long-term successful relationship. 

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AEM has built a reputation for being the best in their field.  We operate our business with quality, integrity and knowledge.  AEM is headquarted in Michigan, with offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.  We work with companies nationwide. We are US Energy Consultants, certified in designing, developing,  testing and implementing energy practices  utilizing the latest energy-efficient technologies. We advise businesses on energy conservation measures for a wide of range of industries, such as industrial, commercial, agricultural, automotive, retail, and others. 

We are a strong team built with skilled and experienced licensed electrical contractors providing full-service lighting retrofit and lighting retrofit products.  AEM provides energy consulting, lighting audits, lighting retrofit products, retrofit upgrades and installation, project management, measurement and verification.  We also provide administration and financing incentives as well as energy education and training programs.  

AEM specializes in achieving maximum return on investment, lighting retrofit technologies and a focused turn-key approach that has proven to save our clients up to 40-60% on energy bills and usage.

What better time 
to save than now.

"The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending."

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