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to save than now.

"The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending."
Get Your 

 The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending.
It is a FACT - Lighting is eating your profits.
We can install new equipment and let the energy savings pay for it.
You can keep your money, or you can keep giving it to the utility company.
The choice is yours!

We make these promises to you:

  • Your energy use will drop dramatically.
  • Your light levels will increase significantly.
  • The equipment we install has been tested – proven - and is of tier-one grade.
  • We will not interfere with your ongoing operations.
  • Prestige will remove all waste and process hazardous waste according to regulation.
  • (Records will be kept on your behalf)
  • All available utility rebates will be administered by us.
  • EPAct tax deductions are also available.

Enhance your Company Image – It’s important!
Your employees will be as responsive as your customers.

Properly specified and installed lighting will give your business a fantastic face lift, your facility will be brighter and cleaner looking, and your daily work will be much easier to perform.

We start by understanding your operations and how lighting affects what you do.

  • Your needs and concerns define the best lighting makeover for your facilities.
  • We are professional, organized and systematic, and experts in our field.
  • You will receive a no-cost, no-obligation detailed audit of your facility lighting.
  • Your current fixtures and energy consumption will be listed in spreadsheet format.
  • Based on our understanding of your operation, we will recommend the best new fixtures, or –
  • Often we can simply update your existing equipment.
  • The spreadsheet we have developed will calculate the energy savings and the projected maintenance savings.
  • You are also protected by a full five-year warranty on all products we sell.
  • Labor is warranted for one year.

This is a Must Read!
WHY is Retrofit Important? 

 ​Don’t delay.  
Your positive cash flow can start immediately!!

We have installed lighting in over 4,500 locations.
Our team has the knowledge to maximize the results of your project.

Some things to think about . . .

  • Proper light levels affect the bottom line.
  • One size does NOT fit all.
  • High light levels with correct lamp choices in inspection areas will reduce inspection errors.
  • Proper light choices in manufacturing areas helps stop quality issues before they reach inspection.
  • Not over-lighting in noncritical areas further reduces energy consumption.
  • Choosing long lasting products, such as LED or Induction lighting in critical or hard to access areas,
  • Will reduce long term maintenance costs and limit emergency shutdowns.

The effect of lighting on people.

  • How are continual cloudy days different from perpetual dim lighting in the work place?
  • The increase production possible can by itself be the standout reason to have a lighting makeover.
  • Sleepy people are not big producers.

Lighting as FTE’s
(Full Time Equivalents = Saved Headcount)

Harvesting wasted energy dollars frees up cash to keep or add critical employees. In turn those employees can increase profits.

The fastest and easiest way to increase profits is to reduce spending.
Harvesting energy waste has no down side.

The Prestige lighting program is self-funding (requires no new cash outlay) – it simply redirects existing spending until the project pays for itself. 
It’s all added profit!


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